Author Topic: Episode 30: Dr. Jordan Miller on the use of 3D printing to make blood vessels  (Read 2998 times)

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"Today Zach and Kelly talk to Dr. Jordan Miller, a postdoctoral student in Dr. Christopher Chenís Tissue Microfabrication Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, about his recent breakthrough using 3D printing to create blood vessels."

Listen Here

This week it's about two of my favorite things: 3D printing and blood!
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I think one of the major applications for this (eventually, it'll be a long way away for a while, maybe 50-80 years if you started going for it now i'd imagine) would be with stroke. a) it would work wonderfully for preventing the causes of a stroke if somehow you could get this printing down to a scale whereby you could inject the printer(s) into key areas of the brain and b) in stroke recovery there's this area (the penumbra) where the blood flow stops and massive cell death occurs but it isn't irreversible yet and if you could quickly act on this area then it could really change lives.

Also more realistically like Dr. Miller mentioned, if you could print a vasculature replica of the brain then you could introduce blockages at areas that co-ordinate with places it occurs commonly in the brain and get an amazing insight into how the rupture patterns will occur that would probably go far beyond the artificially induced ischemias that we can currently produce and view.

However all this as with pretty much any work involving getting this used in medicine and out of the lab for just experiments is gonna require massive microzization (for the life of me i can't remember the word, please forgive my made up word). But the whole thing is super cool, i'd love to play around with some of the created blood vessels.

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