Author Topic: 16/08/2012 - Gorilla gorilla  (Read 1922 times)

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16/08/2012 - Gorilla gorilla
« on: August 16, 2012, 12:02:09 PM »
Gorilla! Inspired by this which is just incredibly sweet and super interesting.

When I was little, about 8 and my little brother was just a tiny wee 1 year old we went to a zoo somewhere and there was a female gorilla and she kept trying to get my little brother through the glass... Then we found out she had just lost a child through illness. It was pretty much the saddest thing ever. It shows you how crazy alike we are and how awful everything bad we ever do to them is, not that general animal cruelty/hunting isn't in general awful but it's easier for us to relate to mammals and these wonderful creatures especially. 

It would be really interesting to keep a tally of when siblings/family are reintroduced across a lot of different species and see the levels of recognition. It could give a really good insight into the various abilities of animals as far as memory goes and also would probably add data to see which animals are more family based than we currently know. i.e is it cruel when we take puppys from their brothers and sisters? I know that I had to leave my puppy after my family having him for a month to go back to uni and he still remembered me (after about 20 seconds indecision) after me being gone for two months and was full of happiness for my return.

Anyway, i'm getting distracted.


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Re: 16/08/2012 - Gorilla gorilla
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2012, 01:40:05 PM »
Your story reminds me of how much animals like to take in infants of other species sometimes. I've had a dog adopt a kitten and even feed it her own milk - which is amazing because she was really old. There's also a story about a baby rhino (I think) and a tortoise that decided to team up and do everything together, which is just about the cutest thing in existence. Anyway, my point is - having pets and seeing them as little people is hardly a uniquely human trait. In fact, it's said that pet dogs see us as fellow dogs just as much as we see them as furry four-legged humans.
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Re: 16/08/2012 - Gorilla gorilla
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2012, 05:27:43 PM »
as much as  i like objectifying and eating animals,
i have to say that i don't think it's so unrealistic to think of them as a kind of extended family.

like the piglets and the tiger.
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