Author Topic: Ep. 13 - Brainstorming Idea & Bad Joke  (Read 1204 times)

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Ep. 13 - Brainstorming Idea & Bad Joke
« on: December 02, 2013, 05:42:50 PM »
Hi Gents,

Great show again. 
My crazy out of the box solution to connecting Alaska & Hawaii was based off of the WWII Project Habakkuk.

We could build floating segments of pykrete in Alaska and make a "Y" (Steiner Tree) connecting the West Coast to Alaska, Hawaii and hub at the axis.  We could use solar panels to run the refrigeration units,  perhaps some sort of heatsink in Alaska that would pull heat from the Hawaiian pykrete blocks, etc.

Of course, to be completely insane, we would take the water slide/hyperlink idea.  Build it underwater as an enclosed tunnel with a long slope down to the seabed and slope up to the Hawaii islands.  Then we break out the bobsleds... ;D

Finally, to end, one of my favorite jokes:

A man is walking on the beach and finds a genie lamp.  He rubs it and a genie pops out.

"All right.  You get one wish.  What do you want?"

"Only one?" he asks the Genie.

"Yeah, I'm tired." replies the Genie.

"Well, in that case.  I've always wanted to visit Hawaii but I am afraid of flying and get unbelievably seasick.  So, I want a bridge to Hawaii so I can drive there."

"A BRIDGE?  Kid, you are insane.  That is impossible.  Ask for something reasonable."

"OK.  In that case, I would like to understand my wife.  Her thought process, her moods, what she really means when she says 'Oh, nothing.' How about that?"

The Genie sighs, looks at him and says "Son, you want that bridge with 2 or 4 lanes?"
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